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Pick Advanced Surveillance Devices for Better Security
As a seller and distributor of Wisenet products, we are known for bringing the best of technology on table for our clients.
At Samcom, we offer access to advanced technology security cameras and recording systems. As a dedicated seller of Wisenet products, we deliver automated security products. Our team of distributors can meet all our clients’ needs.


Once you reach our website, your security is our concern too.
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Find Peace Of Mind With Smart Home Security System

Integrated Security Solutions & Remote Monitoring 24/7

Total Control Over Securing Your Business
Security Cameras
Our security cameras offer the best surveillance with high quality picture recording. The cameras blend well with the surroundings,Wisenet is known for distributing security cameras powered with advanced technology and amazing picture quality. Clients can choose from a wide variety of options according to required picture quality and other features. We do have Wisenet cameras with night vision for security that lasts 24/7.
Different cameras for different solutions
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Security begins with the source

We offer the best surveillance security.

Easy to setup and use
Delivers sharp and clear image quality
Intelligent video analytics, Wide Dynamic Range, Built-in IR, Hallway View
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Just Don’t Worry.

Watch good quality recording of your surroundings for better security.

Emergency notification
Real time Access
Recording Solutions
We at Samcom, make security easy by bringing the best recording solutions. We pick the best from the market to make our clients’ search easy. Shop Wisenet’s NVR and DVR powered recording solutions for real time video updates and remote viewing.
Total Security Solution with Wisenet SSM v2.10
Wisenet SSM
Hanwha Techwin’s self-developed VMS(Video Management Software), Wisenet SSM is an ideal choice for an integrated security solution that maximizes the operation efficiency. It provides seamless and stable integration to meet requirements for mid-large scale sites.
Centralized Management
Distributed Computing Architecture
Extended Scalability
Guaranteed Reliability
Flexible System Integration
Efficient Monitoring
Wisenet SSM

Wisenet SSM provides quick response through rule-based event action and real-time monitoring

Single Core Server for easy installation
Easy and fast conversion of live and playback
Various Intelligent Video Analysis

You can count on us for support every step of the way.

Whether you need more information, an answer to a question you have, or a customised solution, Samcom is ready to help.

Let us tell some stories of how Samcom bridges the gap between Wisenet and customers.

Getting the best security products can drive you crazy if you don’t know where to shop. We at Samcom, bring our clients Wisenet products at amazing deals. We help clients from all industries and offer solutions according to their needs. Here is how connecting with Samcom for security solutions can enhance the buying experience.  

Provide better security and control for residential and business customers.
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We have participated with Hanwha Techwin in Intersec 2022 Dubai, the world-leading emergency services, security and safety event to exhibit our latest innovative & technology products.

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